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Upcoming shows 2023

Benjamin Rhodes first walked into my life at an exhibition at The Royal Overseas League when I was in my second year MA at the Royal College of Art in 1985. I was extremely fortunate to have a London dealer and Benjamin is amongst the best.

In 1995 we went our separate ways. But I missed him, mainly because he has an empathy and sensitivity for my work, and he articulates with natural intelligence. The fact that he shares my values and acts with integrity means a lot to me.

Benjamin came down to my studio in Plymouth to talk about the next show. It was as though we’d seen each other yesterday. Like me, he has lived and breathed art his entire life. We spent a lot of time looking at my recent work and sharing ideas. I’m constantly astounded by his knowledge of contemporary art, the art world and art history. We share a passion for the way art can bring deep joy into our lives.

Benjamin will be showing six recent paintings – two of these are triptychs, all made in my new studio in Plymouth. These will be shown alongside 10 drawings from the Manifesto of Painting series made on the Albers Residency last summer.

The show will be accompanied by a small publication with a conversation between me and Dr Richard Davey and a preface by Fritz Horstman, Education Director at the Albers Foundation. This will help contextualize my recent Manifesto of Painting created in the woods at the Albers Foundation.

It feels so good to be showing with Benjamin again – a watershed moment. He is putting a lot on the line for his new stable of artists. It makes me feel both vulnerable and excited all at the same time.

There’s something special going on in Plymouth too. I’ve moved here at an important time for a city which, like me, is healing after broken years. There’s a real creative vibe and regeneration going on, reminiscent of Brighton in the 1980s. I’m currently showing a few prints from the Red series at the Artmill Gallery. Artmill is a respected local gallery. They’re also highly skilled framers so I’m looking forward to seeing the fruits of their labour on the walls at Benjamin Rhodes Arts in April.

RICHARD KENTON WEBB Vol. 5, Drawings from the Albers Series and Paintings from the Ongoing Manifesto Series will run from 14 April to 24 June. Enjoy.