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2024: Milton’s Cottage, Chalfont St Giles
2023: Benjamin Rhodes Arts, London
2021: Sunny Art Centre, London – First Prize Winner, London Sunny Art Prize
2015: Landscape is a Conversation, LARQ Gallery, Queenstown, Tasmania, Australia
2014: Still Life with Blackbirds, Corinium Museum, Cirencester
2014: Thoughts in Search of a Thinker, LARQ Gallery, Queenstown, Tasmania, Australia
2014: New Work, Celia Lendis Contemporary, Moreton-in-Marsh, Gloucestershire
2011: Orangeness, Abbey Walk Gallery, Grimsby
2005: A Colour Grammar, Slade Gallery, London
2000: The Colour of God, North Light Gallery, Huddersfield
1999: SACI Gallery, Florence, Italy
1998: Twelve Jewels, Kirkjulakjarkot, Iceland
1994: Benjamin Rhodes Gallery, London
1992: Benjamin Rhodes Gallery, London
1989: Benjamin Rhodes Gallery, London
1987: Benjamin Rhodes Gallery, London

2023-24: Miniatures, with Christopher Cook and Susie David, Underground Stream, Devon
2023-24: Luminous. LIGHT . COLOUR . IMAGINATION, with Emrys Williams, Benjamin Rhodes Arts, London
2023: Paint: A Celebration of Teaching Painting, Brownston Gallery, Modbury, Devon
2023: Prints at Artmill, Plymouth, Devon
2022: Inaugural Exhibitions, I and II at Benjamin Rhodes Arts, London
2020: London Sunny Art Prize, Sunny Art Centre, London
2020: Signal, Centrespace Gallery, Bristol, a collaboration of staff and students from the Slade, Sokei, LUCA, and the University of the West of England
2019: Seer: European Painting and Drawing, Galleria Punto, Sokei Academy of Fine Art and Design, Tokyo, Japan
2019: Emergence: Art and the Incarnation of Space, Martin Museum of Art, Texas, USA
2018: Tao Hua Tan Painters, Hefei Modern Art, China
2017: Who’s Afraid of Red, Yellow, and Blue? Kunstzaal, Onderder Toren, Hasselt, Belgium
2017: Go the Distance, Kooi Space, PXL-MAD, Hasselt, Belgium
2017: Nine Painters, curated by Dr Richard Davey, Syson Gallery, Nottingham
2016: John Moores Painting Prize, Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool
2015: Cotswold Open Studios Group Show, Wetpaint Gallery, Cirencester
2015: Tokyo International Mini-Print Triennial, touring Japan
2014: The LARQ Effect, Gallery Ten, Hobart, Tasmania
2013: Annual Open, Royal West of England Academy, Bristol
2013: The Language of Paint, two-person show with Iain Andrews, Atkinson Gallery, Millfield
2013: Guanlan International Print Biennial, China
2012: Winter show, Celia Lendis Contemporary, Moreton-in-Marsh
2012: Royal Academy Summer Exhibition, London
2012: BITE: Artists Making Prints, Mall Galleries
2012: The Open West, Gloucester Cathedral
2011: Winter Show, Abbey Walk Gallery, Grimsby
2011: Royal West of England Autumn Show, Bristol
2011: Insights – British Art Today, Museum Oberműnster, Ratisbon, Regensburg
2011: The Nature of Landscape III, Surface Gallery, Nottingham
2010: The Origin of Colour: Fabric of the Land, Geology and Petroleum Department, University of Aberdeen
2010: The Nature of Landscape II, Abbey Walk Gallery, Grimsby
2009: The Nature of Landscape I, East Loust Gallery, Grimsby
2009: The Nature of Landscape I, Abbey Walk Gallery, Grimsby
2009: IMPACT 6: International Multi-disciplinary printmaking conference, Bristol
2009: Drawing and Printmaking, Chapel Row Gallery, Bath
2008: Figuring Light: Colour and the Intangible, Djanogly Gallery, Lakeside Arts Centre, University of Nottingham. Premiere of Redness, composed by Alexandra Harwood and performed by Onyx Brass Quintet
2007: Wall of Statements, Istanbul, Enschede, Bristol, Braumschweig, Wroclaw, Aberdeen, Munster, Strasbourgh, Cork
2006: Looking Back – Looking Forward, Six Chapel Row, Bath
2004: Hybrid, Artspace, Imperial College, London
2004: Colloquy, University of Loughborough
2003: Heartworks, Six Chapel Row, Bath
2002: Music, Sherborne House, Dorset
2001: Six Abstract Painters, Six Chapel Row, Bath
2000: Stations – the New Sacred Art, Bury St Edmunds
1999: Grove Contemporary Arts, Shrewsbury
1999: The Light of the World, Edinburgh City Art Gallery
1999: Six Chapel Row, Bath
1999: History Makers, St Anne’s Cathedral, Belfast
1999: Leith School of Art, Edinburgh Fringe Festival
1997: Reg Vardy Gallery, Sunderland
1996: Raising the Spirits, Atkinson Gallery, Millfield School
1994: Beardsmore Gallery, London
1993: Benjamin Rhodes Gallery, London
1992: Art Parcels to Jeffrey Archer – Thirty Artists, Frost and Reed, London
1992: Collector’s Choice: Seven Artists, Bristol City Art Gallery
1991: Images of Christ, Albemarle Gallery, London
1991: Modern Painters, Manchester City Art Gallery
1990: New Icons, Warwick, Exeter and Lincoln
1990: A Tribute to Peter Fuller, Beaux Arts, Bath
1990: Works on Paper, Benjamin Rhodes, London
1989: Guardian Gallery, Bristol
1988: Humberside Printmaking Open
1987: Benjamin Rhodes Gallery, London

Recent publications, papers, lectures and conferences

Webb, R. (2023) Milton Across Borders and Media, chapter 17, Oxford: Oxford University Press, ISBN 9780 1928447 43

Webb, R. (2023) A Conversation with Milton’s Paradise Lost 2011-2021, Benjamin Rhodes Arts London 

Webb, R. (2021) A Contemporary Artist’s Response to the Synergies of Drawing and Painting in Paradise Lost, Renaissance Society of America, Dublin

Lycidas, commission for the Milton Society of America, to coincide with Dublin conference, April 2021. Conference publication available on request.

Webb, R. (2019) Light/Dark Contrast: Contemporary Drawings Inspired by Paradise Lost, The British Milton Seminar, University of Birmingham 

Lectures and workshops on colour, drawing and Milton (2019), Baylor University, Texas, USA

The Future of Painting, International Painting Conference (January 2020), Arnolfini, Bristol

Reardon, J. and Webb, R. (2016) Still Life with Blackbirds, Artists’ Choice Editions, ISBN 978-0-995570-0-0 

Artspeak / Artwork Project (2016) collaboration of lectures, workshops, and symposium with artist Jeremy Gardiner, Cleethorpes

Reardon, J. and Webb, R. (2016) Still Life with Blackbirds, Collaboration: Art and FictionNational Association of Writers in Education, Annual Conference, Stratford Manor

The Colour Lectures (2015) Summer School, Slade School of Fine Art, London

Ten-Day Festival, Tasmania (2015), led three artist panels at Launcerton, Bernie and Hobart

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Writing and publications about Richard Kenton Webb

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Film and audio-visual about Richard Kenton Webb

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Richard Kenton Webb Colour Forms [online video], 2013, dir. Christian Barnett, YouTube


1983-86: MA (Painting), Royal College of Art, London
1978-82: BA Hons (Fine Art), Slade School of Fine Art, University College London
1977-78: Foundation, Chelsea School of Art, London

I studied under and alongside many well-known and talented British artists and teachers: Ron Bowen, Sir William Coldstream, Graham Crowley, Jennifer Durrant, Stephen Farthing, Peter de Francia, John Golding, Sir Lawrence Gowing, Timothy Hyman, Andrzej Jackowski, Tess Jaray, Ken Kiff, Christopher le Brun, Leonard McComb, Paula Rego, Patrick Symons, and Euan Uglow. I carry these conversations in my DNA. The idea of ‘the hard-won image’ from the Slade is intrinsic to my studio practice and teaching philosophy. I value the narrative tradition of the Slade, weaving back to Paul Nash, Stanley Spencer, Samuel Palmer, and William Blake. I am one of the few British artists trained at both the Slade and the Royal College of Art. This is where I come from.


Below you will find just some of the music I love to listen to when I work.


My research base covers art history, anthropology, neurology, philosophy, poetry, psychology, psychoanalysis, history, literature, science and theology to explore colour (paint), materials, drawing, printmaking, sculpture, creativity and the imagination.

Here are some of the books I have used over the last ten years:

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Arthur Anderson and Co
Stanhope Properties plc
Museum Oberműnster, Regensburg
Private collections in Australia, Belgium, Canada, China, France, Germany, Iceland, Japan, Mauritius, the UK, and the USA


2021: Milton Society of America
1993: St Michael and all Angels, Eastington, Stroud, Gloucestershire
1992: SS Philip and James, Leckhampton, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire

2023: Plymouth Society of Artists
2022: Josef and Anni Albers Foundation, USA
2020: First Prize Winner, London Sunny Art Prize
2018: Tao Hua Tan Painting Residency, China
2015: LARQ Residency, Tasmania, Australia
2014: LARQ Residency, Tasmania, Australia
1999: SACI International Residency, Florence, Italy
1988: St Stephen’s House Residency, Oxford
1986: Cheltenham Fellowship, Cheltenham Art School
1985: Cité International des Arts Residency, Paris
1983: Boise Travelling Scholarship, British School, Rome

Visual Poet, 2021