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The Waste Land, Richard Kenton Webb, 2023, triptych, oil pigment on cotton, 68 x 276cm

Luminous LIGHT COLOUR IMAGINATION continues at Benjamin Rhodes Arts. It’s a real joy to be exhibiting with Emrys Williams. Emrys Williams Emrys Williams is a painter based in Llandudno, Wales. Like me, he has also taught all his life. Of course, Benjamin is our link. Benjamin believed in us both as young artists in our […]

On starting a painting II

The Saying, Richard Kenton Webb, triptych, oil pigment on cotton & board, 114 x 252cm, 2023

It’s a new year, so start something new. We ended On starting a painting I with the statement that an artist needs eyes that listen. Remember that a painter is a conduit for the language of paint. You are a vessel for the power, purity, and energy of this form of communication. Energy will flow through […]

Japan 2023

After three years of being apart, I’ve finally been able to visit my son who is now studying in Tokyo. I feel a part of something very special. Traditional painted screens I’m sure this will be the first of many visits to this culinary explosion. A highlight has been two large painted screens at the […]

Forthcoming solo show

I’m now preparing for my next solo show in London at Benjamin Rhodes Arts, in the Spring of 2023. I’m currently planning the framing and digital publication. We’re going to focus on some of the work from the Albers Residency 2022, my Manifesto of Painting, a selection from the 72 drawings and other related work.