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The Waste Land, Richard Kenton Webb, 2023, triptych, oil pigment on cotton, 68 x 276cm

Luminous LIGHT COLOUR IMAGINATION continues at Benjamin Rhodes Arts. It’s a real joy to be exhibiting with Emrys Williams. Emrys Williams Emrys Williams is a painter based in Llandudno, Wales. Like me, he has also taught all his life. Of course, Benjamin is our link. Benjamin believed in us both as young artists in our […]

On starting a painting II

The Saying, Richard Kenton Webb, triptych, oil pigment on cotton & board, 114 x 252cm, 2023

It’s a new year, so start something new. We ended On starting a painting I with the statement that an artist needs eyes that listen. Remember that a painter is a conduit for the language of paint. You are a vessel for the power, purity, and energy of this form of communication. Energy will flow through […]



It’s not long to go until LUMINOUS light colour imagination, my next London show at Benjamin Rhodes Arts. I’m excited to be exhibiting with Emrys Williams whom I have followed and respected for many years.