Search vs. research

Passion, Spectral Light Orange, Richard Kenton Webb, 2011, 69 x 114cm, oil on linen

Like Josef Albers, I have a passion to open eyes, so I believe it’s more important to search rather than research.

Is colour a language?

If colour is a language, it must have a grammar. If this grammar is learnt, it should be possible to become literate in this language of colour. When I started to investigate the grammar of colour, I wondered whether there could be something deep at the heart of it all. Could this be a metaphysical […]

Japan 2023

After three years of being apart, I’ve finally been able to visit my son who is now studying in Tokyo. I feel a part of something very special. Traditional painted screens I’m sure this will be the first of many visits to this culinary explosion. A highlight has been two large painted screens at the […]

Upcoming shows 2023

Benjamin Rhodes first walked into my life at an exhibition at The Royal Overseas League when I was in my second year MA at the Royal College of Art in 1985. I was extremely fortunate to have a London dealer and Benjamin is amongst the best. In 1995 we went our separate ways. But I […]